Welcome to my website. I'm a D.Phil. Philosophy candidate at the University of Oxford. Previously, I read for the B.Phil in Philosophy (a two-year taught graduate degree), also at Oxford, and the BSc in Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method at the London School of Economics.

My research focuses primarily on issues in moral and political philosophy. My current interests include

  • nonconsequentialist or “competing claims” models of moral rightness;

  • the ethics of positive and negative partiality; in particular, the ethics of parenthood, moral options, associative duties, and agent-relativity;

  • meaning in life, well-being;

  • egalitarianism, and the equality versus priority debate;

  • organisational culture and purpose.

You can find my academia.edu profile here.

Click here for my academic CV.

I'm a member of Giving What We Can, a Senior Associate at Principia Advisory, and the occasional drummer of The Critque of Pure Rhythm.